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Zobrazují se příspěvky z prosinec, 2019

My kpop dance story

As most of my friends know I love to dance. When I was little I did synchronized figure skating (I was always too tall for solo 😂) and because of that I started to learn ballet. But I stopped with figure skating when I transfered to high school. Later I was one day surfing through Facebook and I saw my freind's photo from a dance performace. I suddenly felt like I need to start with dancing again. So I joined Anais - amazing group of young women from Prague who love dancing so much that nothing can stop them - kids, university, work, ... - we could still find time to dance (and also to gossip and have different girl's talks about everything). Our choreographies were mostly mix of contemporary, ballet and jazz dance. Here is a video of us dancing at last year's competition - you can easily find other videos if you write TS Anais in youtube (or ask me).

But than I moved to South Korea and I was like: "This is my chance! I can finally learn all those kpop dances I wante…